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Rickshaw TMS


What is Rickshaw™

The Rickshaw™ Transportation Management Solution is a revolutionary non-emergency medical transport solution that exceeds the needs of both small transport agencies and high performance transport business operations. The focus on capturing quality data in a flexible, user-defined format, enables the enterprise user to maximize productivity and minimize losses created by unauthorized payment for transports. The system administrator can dynamically create reports using any data element in the system through an easy-to-use report interface. Typical interfaces between ePCR, AVL and billing software are available.

Why Rickshaw™

The phrase “Designed by EMS providers for EMS providers,” accurately describes the development of this medical transportation solution. A group of progressive EMS organizations in Pennsylvania sought to have a software application built to meet their specific needs. The group had a common set of goals that could be achieved by pooling resources together. After reviewing products available on the market and doing a cost-benefit analysis, they determined their best option was to find a company to build the solution. Digital Planet, Inc. built its reputation on delivering what we promise since day one. The Digital Planet team is a talented group of individuals that work together to achieve the business goals of our customers and exceed expectations with our service. Our collaborative approach in developing software achieves quick user adoption and obtains the feedback necessary to know what features and functions are truly beneficial. Our technology team focuses their attention on our customer’s needs while our leadership team seeks to anticipate the emerging business opportunities. The combination of the two will continually drive the product development plan and keep the software at the head of its class.

Rickshaw™ Benefits
Authorization Required
An important feature for any transport service is to verify insurance approval in advance of the transport. Each insurance type can be configured to require advanced authorization. The dispatcher is alerted to the need for an authorization by a consistent and unique icon on the dashboard.

Individualize the colors and themes in Rickshaw™ from a variety of options ranging from a traditional Windows scheme to Metropolis Dark. Themes can be set by the organization for consistency or permissions can be given to users to set them at the individual level.

Custom Referral Source
Each referral source can have various requirements. The administrator has the ability to determine what fields show and their requirements. Indicators in required fields visually alert the user to the requirement.

Permission Groups
Individuals are assigned to groups. Groups have a defined set of permissions. This allows the administrator to configure their user settings based on their needs – not the predetermined set of needs defined by the system.

Access to Data Exports
The reports are created and filtered within the system prior to creating the output. This provides the user with a report that is usable. Multiple file formats are supported.

Several fields are able to have custom alerts created. A dashboard icon provides a visual cue indicating there is important information for the trip.

Individual users are able to save their layout in a manner they like. Set it up one time and the settings will be saved for your next use.

Hybrid model
The solution is built in a model that is flexible for organizations. It can function in a client-server configuration or can function web based if required by the organization.

Transport Request Form
The web-based transport request form takes information from an agency requesting a transport and sends it to the dispatcher. The dispatcher is alerted and once approved, automatically inserts the pending trip into the system.

Competitive Price Point
Rickshaw™ is priced to be affordable for the average medical transportation business. Our enterprise licensing model permits up to ten users. A base fee, optional hardware, training and implementation costs are offered. An annual maintenance fee set in a written contract assures the customer of expectations along with price increase limitations.


“Rickshaw Transportation Management Solution exceeded my expectations. There are a number of features essential to my business operation making it the best dispatch solution of its class. Also, if the software can accommodate all of the original stakeholders involved in its development, it certainly can accommodate any other service interested in a computer-aided dispatch system in this price range.”

James B. Arvin, II
White Rose Ambulance
York, PA

“The power and intuitiveness of Rickshaw wins over the end-user while administrators love the software’s powerful reporting capabilities. In its price range Rickshaw simply has no equal. “

Gregg Smith, BPS, MCSE, EMT-P
Information System Specialist
First Aid & Safety Patrol
Lebanon, PA

“This program takes ambulance dispatching to a new level of performance. I have been working with the Digital Planet Team for over a year now. They have been responsive to requests and are always available to help. I’m extremely pleased with the service and the program! Flexible, scalable, and meets our needs. Digital Planet has once again proven to be industry leaders in EMS! They use cutting edge technology and provide a simple, intuitive user interface that minimizes the learning curve and maximizes our productivity.”

James W. Slotterback, B.S. NREMT-P
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator/Pre-hospital Services
Susquehanna Health System
Williamsport, PA

Rickshaw™ Demo

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