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Today’s not-for-profit organizations (501c3’s) are experiencing more challenges in achieving their mission when compared to recent years due to our current economic times. Small and medium-sized not-for-profits are faced with increasing expenses and reduced return on investments. At the same time, they are competing heavily in the market for discretionary donations and must demonstrate responsible use of the funds to attract the larger donor. Digital Planet provides a breadth of services to encourage today’s donor to give and assists the NPO in managing the existing operation more efficiently through our services and technology. By making it easier to donate on impulse, the NPO realizes cash flow and larger money follows when packaged with a coordinated marketing and promotion plan.

The Digital Planet team consists of several individuals who have managed or led various not-for-profit entities. We understand the needs and daily operations of those organizations. Combing that experience with our business development knowledge, we are able to assist the NPO in managing costs associated with running the organization. Our goal is to help them get through difficult and challenging financial times by offering a package of services in a one-stop shop. The NPO can choose just one service line or save money by combining multiple services into one contract. By operating more efficiently during a difficult period, the organization can thrive in good economic times.

We serve a broad range of organizations that include:

  • Charitable organizations
  • Foundations
  • Human Service organizations
  • Membership organizations
  • Faith-based organizations

Digital Planet believes in supporting the mission for not-for-profit organizations. We work to support their needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The Digital Planet employees experience first-hand the fundamentals of giving by directing a donation to the charitable organization of their choice. Let us work with and for your organization to achieve your mission and exceed your goals!

To obtain more information and learn how Digital Planet may be of service to you, please contact us (717) 766-1911 or fill out our Sales Inquiry form.