Virtual Back Office Professionals

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Membership Lists

A database for lists of memberships broken down by membership year is maintained in its own database. The member list is available on a secure server available via the web for access by multiple individuals designated by your organization. Updates made to the system are completed in real-time. The system is located in a commercial server farm for maximum up-time and redundancy.

Search and Report

The software application provides the user with the capability to look-up members based on various search criteria, build reports for various search functions including breakdown by municipality, membership fees received and tracking donations above the rate of the membership.

Email Blasts

The Membership software provides the agency with the ability to send a broadcast email through our system. A complimentary email blast to your members provides a means for ongoing communication with them during the course of the year. Additional email blasts are available for a nominal fee.

Import Files

The Membership software application allows files to be imported into the system from Microsoft Excel formats. Data files from several of the leading print and mailing services in the country have been tested and imported.

Set-up Fees

Set-up fee is determined by the volume of historical data to be imported into the system. For an organization starting with no historical data, the set-up fee is waived.